GSS on BBC News
Broadcast on October 15 2015

The Gift of Learning
The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship commissioned ITN to make this short film looking at some of the key features of a Steiner School.

Silicon Valley executives chose Steiner Waldorf for their children.
A 2011 New York Times front-page story sparked a cascade of global attention looking at why Silicon Valley’s top technology executives were sending their children to a Waldorf school where computers are absent from the classroom until children are into secondary school. This video explains why.

The GSS Orchestra
All children at GSS learn violin, viola or cello from age 9. Imaginative arrangements enable everyone to play in the orchestra regardless of ability. Here, together with parents and staff, they perform Vivildi’s Gloria at St Georges Church, London – 7 April 2011.

Why Waldorf?
This is a film made by the Marin Waldorf School in California. We are in the process of making our own film about GSS but in the meantime this film provides an overview and flavour of what Steiner education is about.

The Unexpected Effects of Knitting
In the Greek epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus' wife Penelope knits and knits, and then knits some more while waiting for her husband. The process of doing the needle, loop, stitch, kept her grounded and healthy.

Volunteers who participated in a study two years ago took up knitting as a hobby and reported feeling less stress once they started knitting.


The Myth of the Digital Gene
In this 16-minute TED talk entitled “The Myth of the Digital Gene,” Mary Rothschild questions the prevailing media-centered narrative that says very young children need media early in life to prepare for their futures. In its place, she offers an alternative, human-centered narrative, which prioritizes attention from adults, free time, open ended play, stories, and real-life connection with others.