Upper school example curriculum - South Devon Steiner School

Upper School Curriculum

While the work to develop a GSS upper school curriculum is underway you may find it useful to read about how some of the other Steiner Schools in the UK have developed their own upper school curricula. To begin this series of posts we will first look at the upper school curriculum at South Devon Steiner School.

Upper School Curriculum at South Devon Steiner School

This school has also chosen to use the New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education and have a relatively new upper school. From their webpages you can read about how the following subjects are covered between Class 9 - 12.

  • Arts and crafts
    Including visual arts, music and eurythmy

  • English
    Including reading comprehension, creative and informative writing, oral presentations, and research assignments, critical thinking, logic and argument.

  • Languages
    French or German

  • Mathematics
    Number, algebra, geometry and logical thinking

  • Physical education
    Sports, movement studies, outdoor education

  • Sciences
    Biology, chemistry, physics, and outdoor science

  • Social studies
    Literature, history, geography, and cultural studies

  • Class 12 Project and Class 12 Play
    Find out more about these important features of the upper school curriculum

South Devon Steiner School also provide an interesting summary of what is taught in each of classes 9 - 12 and how the subjects and the approach are made relevant to each age group: for example in Class 9 the curriculum is addressing age appropriate interests in ‘What is this world?' while in Class 10 there is a theme of exploring how contrasting phenomena interrelate.

Reading through the information on the pages above will give you an idea about the work that is going on to create an upper school curriculum here at Greenwich Steiner School.