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About this blog

The aim of this Blog is to create a central place for information about the Upper School project here at Greenwich Steiner School. Over the coming weeks and months this blog will communicate Upper School activity and progress, as well as the features and advantages we think an Upper School will bring to pupils.

For this first post I thought it would be useful to briefly highlight which years will be part of the Upper School.

Upper School work: Image courtesy of the  Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

Upper School work: Image courtesy of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

Lower School/ Upper School classes

Education at Waldorf Schools is organised within Lower School (Classes 1 – 8) and Upper School (Classes 9 – 12). Greenwich Steiner School already has well established classes from 1 – 7 and education continues up to Class 8 and the Upper School would expand provision in order to complete the full curriculum.

If you have ever found the nomenclature of Steiner classes and state school year groups confusing sometimes (I have!) then you may find the table below useful to put the school years in context. The table shows Steiner School classes in relation to pupil ages and the names of year groups in mainstream schools.

upper school classes.png

Future posts

Future posts will look in detail at the Upper School curriculum and at the proposed qualification, which would be based fully on the Steiner curriculum. If you have suggestions about subjects that you think should be featured in this Blog please do get in contact.