Class 1

Here in Class 1 we have recently completed our last Literacy block, which saw us take great strides in our writing ability. Our enthusiasm for writing, coupled with our new found knowledge of spelling, means that we no longer have to be asked to write but are doing it as a matter of course. We have been making adventurous word choices and are starting to describe what is happening in our drawings more eloquently. Our ability to form a clear image and describe it has been aided by our acting out of parts of stories during recall - particularly in the form of tableau. Plus, we have recently done a number of dictations and displayed our grasp of phonics with aplomb!

We are all enthusiastic readers and were delighted to discover many new additions to our class library this week: a wide range of books featuring strong female and Black, Asian and Mixed-Ethnicity lead characters. We are also delighted to hear that the school is going to supply the reading books that go with the Sounds Write approach that we are following to learn how to read! This means rather than having groups who share books on a rotation, each child will have their own when we are doing whole class work.

For the last two weeks we have been working on Numeracy and in particular, the four operations. We welcome any help from home and encourage discussions about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing - perhaps while we help with the shopping? Also this week we begin construction of a giant board game the size of our classroom, based on our snack-time story The Dragon of Numthador, which features all of us (or soon will) as characters. We have been thrilled by the adventures of The Bread Roll Kid and his friends, as they set out on their quest to retrieve a scale from the dragon. We hope our board game will be as exciting as the story and hope to invite other classes to play it with us. The board game will make use of all of the mathematical knowledge we have gathered so far. This week we also played our first round of the classroom game show Guess That Number, which allows us to estimate and make choices based on our estimations.

We are also making great progress in our morning handwork, with most of us now working on our weaving frames, although there is a wide range of projects available. We were visited this week by our dear Carol Mannion, who made each of us a small felt bunny and bird, which will go into the little Easter basket we will be making and bringing home next week. We had our first try of our new wooden Pentatonic flutes as well and hopefully we'll be able to incorporate these into many a performance in the next two years.


Another exciting addition to the classroom has been the debut of our new parent-made nature table. We offer our heartfelt thanks to all of the parents who took part in this first of many (we hope) nature table displays. As time goes on we hope to add our own sculptures made of found materials from the natural world. Until next time!

Hammish Clark
Class 1 Teacher