News from Class 4

Class Four have been discovering things about the past in our local area. After listening to stories of Celts, Romans and Saxons we went to Greenwich Park to find some of the hidden history we have around us. We looked at the site of a Roman temple and discovered an Anglo-Saxon burial site with many rounded barrows.

We have also been learning about the building of our school and the man who had it built, a philanthropist named John Julius Angerstein, whose collection of old masters formed the cornerstone of what would become The National Gallery.

Now we have changed main lesson and the children are beginning their projects on an animal of their choice. To help inspire us we went to see the animals at the British Wildlife Centre. We had a fabulous time seeing creatures as small as a field mouse to those as large as red deer. We all loved Turbo the hedgehog and were very excited to see red squirrels. The otters were entertaining and the eagle owl truly awesome. The children had a great day and were full of questions and observations. At the end of the trip a member of staff from the centre commented on how well behaved and polite they’d been, saying they were a credit to their school. I couldn’t agree more - well done Class Four!

Lucy Hoe
Class 4 teacher