RHS School Gardening

The RHS (royal horticultural society) has been campaigning for school gardening for many years and GSS joined their campaign years ago, inspired by their ideas and helped by their donations of materials and seeds once we reached a new school gardening 'level'.

This year we applied for the next level (level 3) which is about healthy eating, composting and pollination among other things. We had to tick some boxes like:

  • Our Leadership Team or local community support our gardening project
  • We have built on our practical skills and can prepare areas ready for planting
  • We grow a simple range of fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • We encourage wildlife to the garden by providing homes and habitats
  • We re-use as many things as we can and understand composting

We also had to describe a little project so we wrote about the kindergarten gardeners making a home for insects and sent pictures of a bughotel activity that Sophie did with them.

In return for our efforts, we have been awarded with a collection of autumn planting vegetable plugs to plant in September, so we will have vegetables growing all through the year next year!

Caroline & Sophie