Class 5 trip to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday we went to Kew Gardens with Miss Suggitt and Lennard. We took the train in and arrived at Kew Gardens just in time for break. After break, we walked around an awesome bank for flowers, bushes and trees. We also did activities arranged by Miss Suggitt. Following this we went to the Princess of Wales Conservatory. There were lots of different sections, including an Australian plant area, a section for carnivorous plants, a desert plants display and, the bit I enjoyed the most, the jungle-type plants part. (We spent lots of time in the jungle plants section.)
After we’d finished in the conservatory we made our way to the “Hive”. the Hive is an epic metal structure with speakers and lights. It is massive and you are allowed to go inside. 300 metres away there is a bee hive. In the bee hive there is this little thing that picks up all the vibrations the bees make. The little thing sends the vibrations to a computer which translates them into sounds and light patterns. The translations are sent to the speakers and lights. The more instruments are playing the more activity in the bee hive.
After the hive we had lunch at a long wooden table, then we played in the badger warren and the log trial. It was then time to meander back and finish our trip with the tree top walk.
Otis Hoe
Class 5