News from Class 4

Class Four have been discovering things about the past in our local area. After listening to stories of Celts, Romans and Saxons we went to Greenwich Park to find some of the hidden history we have around us. We looked at the site of a Roman temple and discovered an Anglo-Saxon burial site with many rounded barrows.

We have also been learning about the building of our school and the man who had it built, a philanthropist named John Julius Angerstein, whose collection of old masters formed the cornerstone of what would become The National Gallery.

Now we have changed main lesson and the children are beginning their projects on an animal of their choice. To help inspire us we went to see the animals at the British Wildlife Centre. We had a fabulous time seeing creatures as small as a field mouse to those as large as red deer. We all loved Turbo the hedgehog and were very excited to see red squirrels. The otters were entertaining and the eagle owl truly awesome. The children had a great day and were full of questions and observations. At the end of the trip a member of staff from the centre commented on how well behaved and polite they’d been, saying they were a credit to their school. I couldn’t agree more - well done Class Four!

Lucy Hoe
Class 4 teacher


Class 1 sunflowers

Everything that slows us down and forces patience,
everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.
Gardening is an instrument of grace. ~ May Sarton

Our class had a lovely time sowing sunflower seeds in little pots of earth last week, and today we saw the first sprouts!  There is nothing more special than the experience of anticipation, and then welcoming and embracing the fruits of dedicated work when they finally arrived.  

Liza Zenit
Class 1 Teacher

RHS School Gardening

The RHS (royal horticultural society) has been campaigning for school gardening for many years and GSS joined their campaign years ago, inspired by their ideas and helped by their donations of materials and seeds once we reached a new school gardening 'level'.

This year we applied for the next level (level 3) which is about healthy eating, composting and pollination among other things. We had to tick some boxes like:

  • Our Leadership Team or local community support our gardening project
  • We have built on our practical skills and can prepare areas ready for planting
  • We grow a simple range of fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • We encourage wildlife to the garden by providing homes and habitats
  • We re-use as many things as we can and understand composting

We also had to describe a little project so we wrote about the kindergarten gardeners making a home for insects and sent pictures of a bughotel activity that Sophie did with them.

In return for our efforts, we have been awarded with a collection of autumn planting vegetable plugs to plant in September, so we will have vegetables growing all through the year next year!

Caroline & Sophie

Class 5 trip to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday we went to Kew Gardens with Miss Suggitt and Lennard. We took the train in and arrived at Kew Gardens just in time for break. After break, we walked around an awesome bank for flowers, bushes and trees. We also did activities arranged by Miss Suggitt. Following this we went to the Princess of Wales Conservatory. There were lots of different sections, including an Australian plant area, a section for carnivorous plants, a desert plants display and, the bit I enjoyed the most, the jungle-type plants part. (We spent lots of time in the jungle plants section.)
After we’d finished in the conservatory we made our way to the “Hive”. the Hive is an epic metal structure with speakers and lights. It is massive and you are allowed to go inside. 300 metres away there is a bee hive. In the bee hive there is this little thing that picks up all the vibrations the bees make. The little thing sends the vibrations to a computer which translates them into sounds and light patterns. The translations are sent to the speakers and lights. The more instruments are playing the more activity in the bee hive.
After the hive we had lunch at a long wooden table, then we played in the badger warren and the log trial. It was then time to meander back and finish our trip with the tree top walk.
Otis Hoe
Class 5


Class 5 carol singing

On Monday Class Five walked into Greenwich to go carolling to raise money for Shelter, a charity which helps the homeless. The class sang so beautifully, and passers by seemed truly mesmerised by their lovely voices. We sang Autumn Come, Gabriel's Message, Dona Nobis, Mary's Lullaby and In the Bleak Midwinter, all of which are either sung in parts or as a round. All together we raised around £60.