Meet the governors

Governance is about overseeing the success of the school, by setting the right strategic direction and enabling an effective management team to deliver it. It is about agreeing priorities and monitoring progress towards them. It is not about running or managing the school – that is the job of the paid professionals.  

Working as a team, GSS governors volunteer their time to support and challenge the leadership team as they strive for the best possible education, learning environment and future prospects for the children in our school. They aim to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance in terms of the education and financial performance at GSS.  

The Board of Governors meet as a full board once a term in the evenings and on an occasional Saturday morning. In addition, the board operates three principal committees: Education, Risk and Compliance and Finance. Each governor is expected to sit on a least one committee. Committees are expected to meet at least once a term, usually in the evening.

The governors can be contacted by emailing them (see above for email addresses). All emails are confidential. Alternatively you can write to:
Panos Ferendinos - Chair of governors
Greenwich Steiner School
Woodlands, 90 Mycenae Road
Blackheath SE3 7SE

If you are interested in becoming a governor please feel free to speak to any of us and/or read the Governor Information Pack.

Governors communications in the school newsletter