The school's main building, Woodlands, was originally built  by John Julius Angerstein in 1732 and sits in a park-area of grass and ancient trees, shared with the local community.  

Refurbished by the school in 2007 the building and surrounding area provide a calm and peaceful environment within which our children can learn and play. 

The school is a calm and welcoming place where pupils conduct themselves admirably well, inside the classroom and around the school.

St George's

Two of our five kindergarten classes are housed in St Georges's Church on Kirkside Road, just a short walk from Woodlands.

Recently refurbished by the school, it also provides a calm and peaceful place of play for our youngest children. 

Greenwich & Blackheath

Located in leafy Westcombe Park, the school is within a short walk of the much loved green spaces of Greenwich and Blackheath in South East London.

Greenwich is a World Heritage Site, benefiting from a Royal Park and buzzing with museums, cafes and restaurants. It is the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from where the world sets its time. 

Canary Wharf and the Docklands financial district can be reached in 15 minutes by the Docklands Light Railway. London Bridge is 10 minutes by train.