Where the magic of childhood lives!

 Kindergarten is for children aged between 3-6 years old.

 It takes place between 9.00 am – 1:00 pm from Monday to Friday during term-time.

  • You will already know from your own children, that in the Early Years, young children learn by literally imitating everyone and everything around them! They thrive on regular daily and weekly rhythms.

  • If you feel inspired to come and visit our Kindergarten, you will no doubt be immediately struck (like most of our visitors), by the feeling of warmth that pervades the Kindergarten space. Designed to reflect the security of a traditional, family home environment, activities include baking, sewing, gardening and the preparing and sharing of communal meals.

Teaching in the early years is outstanding. All staff have an excellent understanding of the early years curriculum. They plan highly engaging learning activities which meet not only the needs of every child, but also their interests. Staff have high expectations of what all children can achieve and use every opportunity to take their learning forward.

 Why a mixed age group?

The mixed age group also mirrors family life and encourages children to both learn from and guide one another. There is a strong emphasis on the cultivation of good habits in Kindergarten, as many pre-academic skills are acquired unconsciously.

Why play is actually the work of childhood!

  • Developmental psychologists suggest that the more unstructured play a young child is exposed to, the greater their capacity to truly engage with learning later on. There is a tremendous body of research that says that rather than being trivial and insignificant, different types of play are absolutely vital for the healthy physical, psychological, emotional and mental development of your child.

  • In the Kindergarten, a child’s natural feelings of wonder and trust are nurtured throughout, creating a real openness towards life and learning. By the time children are of school-starting age, they are already eager learners, ready for the next stage of their school journey!

  • Rain or shine, children at our school play outside in the garden for at least an hour each day. As well as being a wonderful resource and sensory experience, spending time in Nature helps children to not only develop motor skills, but to contribute towards positive behaviour in general.

  • Life in our Kindergarten is quite simply wonderful for the young child (and any adults who visit too!) Festivals and birthdays are celebrated with reverence and a sense of inner quiet.

  • At Kindergarten, children get to experience a secure, calm and gentle learning environment, that provides them with a crucial and important foundation step for all their future learning, whether with us here at Greenwich Steiner School or elsewhere.

Children have frequent opportunities to learn indoors and outside. During the inspection, children thoroughly enjoyed measuring and weighing ingredients to make their own bread. Practical activities such as this allow children to develop their mathematical skills and understanding.

View a more detailed list of curricular activities in our kindergarten settings.

EYFS & 5-7 Curriculum Statement for Parents