Alexander Graf

Alexander has four boys, three of which are in Kindergarten respectively lower school, with the smallest one still being at home. He is a Swiss qualified accountant and works as an external auditor with insurance companies, since 2015 in London.

Alexander went  for 12 years to a Rudolf Steiner school in Switzerland and was keen for his children to be able to attend a Steiner school themselves, which made him move to the Greenwich area when moving to London. The focus on the holistic education (body, spirit, soul) and giving the children age appropriate education are the key attraction elements to the Steiner education for him. 

The governor's role as Alexander sees it, is to help the school being able to focus on the key educational elements, while staying on financial sound feet and remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. In order to achieve this and based on his background and experience Alexander is part of the finance and risk committees.