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Resilience in childhood. Supporting hand, head & heart. with Dr David McGavin and Ingrid Ermansen of the Kairos Rehabilitation Trust

While still in the womb mothers often discern character traits in their child. We are well aware that the child brings along more than the inheritance of their body’s substance.
Through nurture we wield a big influence on how a child develops and if the attitude of respect and reverence for the child’s uniqueness prevails we stand a good chance of facilitating their healthy development.

The Steiner curriculum like the practice of Anthroposophic Medicine is based on an understanding of the many delicate processes through which the child’s uniqueness or individual spirit must find and establish its place within the body’s inherited material.
Over 3 evenings (May 9th, May 23rd & June 20th) GP Dr David McGavin and Eurythmy Therapist, Ingrid Hermansen of Kairos Rehabilitation Trust will look at issues of child development including:

  • motoric development
  • stimulating self regulation
  • common illnesses
  • challenging behaviour