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SWSF Parent & Child Workshop/Seminar 2017

Group leaders provide the space for parents and their children to interact and be together in an environment that is rich in nurturing activities, for the child and the parent. In this space, they often witness the kinds of relationships that exist between parents and children, as well as the interactions that develop among the adults in the group, and among the children themselves. They witness different cultures and parenting styles, which they may or may not support.

With their knowledge and experience in child development, leaders can really support parents in their early parenting journey. However, such opportunities may not always present themselves, and leaders can remain mere witnesses. In their quest to support parents, leaders themselves need support, be it from colleagues, advisers, or the wider P&C group leaders’ community. The conference aims to provide leaders with ideas of how to best support parents as well as how to find support if they need it themselves.


9.15 Registration and coffee

10.00 Three Presentations on the theme by Dorothy Marlen, Jane Girling and Rachel Tapping


1.30 - 3.00 Three Workshops led by the presenters on the theme

3.00 – 4.00 Feedback from the discussion groups/conversation.