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A Source of Strength with Sven Saar

Every parent and teacher wishes for the children in their charge to develop confidence and experience personal success in their lives. How can that be achieved without encouraging selfishness? Steiner Schools foster a sense of self-worth that is not gained at the expense of others, but with the help of supportive peers and loving teachers.

There are only three effective educational tools: Fear, ambition and love. We work without the first two. Rudolf Steiner

Sven grew up in Germany, did a full time training as a Steiner Waldorf teacher in the eighties and became a class teacher at the age of 22. He worked in the two oldest UK Steiner Schools, Michael House in Derbyshire and Michael Hall in Sussex, before taking a class one in Germany, near Lake Constance, in 2008. Throughout his career he also taught in the Upper School, specialising in History and Drama. His wife Margot is a teacher, translator and interpreter. They have just returned to the UK where they live in Gloucester.