Block teaching

Block teaching

What’s in a Main Lesson?

Formal learning begins at Greenwich Steiner School in Class 1 when your child is 6 years old. This follows the norm in Scandinavian countries.

Throughout the Lower School, children spend the first two hours of each day in Main Lesson. Organised in thematic blocks, this is taught by the Class Teacher and is an integral part of the internationally recognized Steiner Waldorf Curriculum.

So why teach in thematic blocks?

  • There is lots of research to suggest that immersing oneself in a topic is a particularly effective way to engage with children. This allows for multi-modal learning – allowing a multitude of different ways (visual, kinaesthetic etc.) to teach different children.
  • Starting at the beginning of the day, when children are at their most alert, the Main Lesson offers a more intensive approach to academic and cognitive learning.
  • Teaching the same subject area in thematic blocks over a three or four-week period, means that children can fully immerse themselves in a subject, impacting on their ability to retain information later on.

After Main Lesson is over, children have a short break, after which lessons are experienced in forty minute segments for the rest of the day, as is the norm in most other schools. These lessons are usually where skills are learnt or practised and predominantly include English, Maths, Modern Languages (French and German), Handwork, Games, Eurythmy, Art and Music.