What makes the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum so unique?

  •  We are sure you will agree by now that our approach is absolutely child-centred.
  • The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum is age-appropriate as we look at the individual needs of your growing child, according to key stages of child development.
  • Our commitment is to engage children in their learning in a way that is both enjoyable and meaningful, without compromising on academic success. This way we offer children a model of education that inspires a love of learning for life.
  • We include all the subjects of the National Curriculum, plus additional subjects such as Handwork and Eurythmy.
  • The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum is diverse and broad-based, with a strong element of experiential learning. This is how we can confidently say we offer an education for head, heart and hands.
  • At Greenwich Steiner School, all children learn French and German from age 6 years old and a stringed-instrument from age 8 years old.
  • Children start formal literacy and numeracy when they are 6 years old (as is the norm in Scandinavia and most European countries).
  • By the time children are 9 years old, they often reading and writing at the same level or better than children who may have started earlier.
  • The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum includes the Main Lesson – where subjects are taught in thematic blocks over three to four weeks, to allow an in-depth study of relevant topics.


For a more detailed breakdown about specific topics offered for specific ages, please view our Curriculum guide here.